2017 Pinewood Derby – Important Dates, Rules, and Guidelines from Pack 9 and Squanto District

bsa-pinewood-derby-kitAs we transition into 2017, one of the first big Cub Scout events in the new year is the Pinewood Derby. This is an exciting opportunity for each Cub Scout to transform a simple block of wood into a gravity-powered race car to compete against fellow scouts.

By this time, your Cub Scout should have received the Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit from Den Leaders. If you have not received this kit, then please contact your Den Leader right away.

We urge parents to resist the temptation to actually build the car for our sons, since the more they put into it – the more they will get out of it! The parents job is to teach the essential skills required to build a race-worthy car and guide them through the process to ensure it complies with the rules and regulations set forth by Pack 9 and Squanto District. The true value of the Pinewood Derby is NOT in winning the race, but rather if we as parents instill into our scouts the pride, confidence, integrity, and hand-on building skills that our sons need to compete in the Pinewood Derby. Success for our scouts is measured by them holding their head up high at the end of the race, win or lose, knowing they tried their best and eager to do it all again next year! Success for us parents is measured not only by the quality time we get to spend with our sons, but also in knowing we are preparing them to succeed in life!


Rules and guidelines this year will primarily be those set forth by the Squanto District. Some Pack 9 specific rules and guidelines still remain, but these have been significantly minimized this year. For a copy of the rules and guidelines for this year’s Pinewood Derby events, please refer to the following attachments:


Leading up to the Pinewood Derby, there is typically one-or-more hands-on workshops run by Pack 9 parent volunteers or Den Leaders where Cub Scouts can work on their car. If you are new to the Pinewood Derby, this is a great way to get started and be among other like-minded scouts trying to achieve the same goal. There are no set dates for these workshops, since they are based on demand and availability of volunteers to run the workshops. Contact your Den Leader right away if you are interested in attending a workshop or would like to volunteer for running a workshop.

Please mark your calendars for these important upcoming Pinewood Derby dates:





Thu, Mar 16, 2017

Pack 9 Car Weigh-In

Pond Plain Improvement Association, Weymouth, MA

Pack 9 scouts bring their Pinewood Derby car to this official weigh-in, at which time race officials will take possession of the car and bring it to the Pack 9 Pinewood Derby.

Sat, Mar 18, 2017

Pack 9 Pinewood Derby

Pond Plain Improvement Association, Weymouth, MA

Race day for the Pack 9 Pinewood Derby.

Sat, Apr 8, 2017

Squanto District Pinewood Derby

VFW Post 1046, Brockton, MA

Scouts placing in the top-3 of their respective dens at the Pack 9 Pinewood Derby, may participate in this district-level Pinewood Derby competing against other Packs within the Squanto District.

This year’s Pack 9 Weigh-In and Pack 9 Pinewood Derby itself will take place at Pond Plain Improvement Association located at 330 Pond Street, South Weymouth, MA. Be sure to note this location, since previously these events were held at Knights Of Columbus while renovations of Pond Plain Improvement Association were underway. More specific details of these events will follow in the upcoming months.

This year’s Squanto District Pinewood Derby will take place at VFW Post 1046 in Brockton, MA – hosted by Troop 1046. All Packs are encouraged to enter their top-three finishers in each group. New this year, they are also looking for Cubs, Scouts, and Ventures to design the Pinewood Derby patch.

So let’s get our Cub Scouts thinking about those Pinewood Derby cars, and gear-up to give them the support they need for a successful Pinewood Derby in 2017!

Volunteers are welcome and needed to assist with this event.



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