2017 Pinewood Derby Results


Congratulations to all Weymouth Pack 9 Cub Scouts who participated in the 2017 Pinewood Derby this past weekend at Pond Plain Association in Weymouth, MA. It was an exciting day of races in all divisions with the smell of hot dogs wafting throughout the hall, and Pack 9 was able to raise $110 in concessions!

The final standings for this year’s Weymouth Pack 9 Pinewood Derby are:


1. Tyler K.
2. Lucas M.
3. Mitchell M.


1. Theo R.
2. Patrick D.
3. Kyle L.


1. Aiden F.
2. Sebastian C.
3. Nathan C.


1. Mario M. Jr
2. James W.
3. Jonathan V.

Fastest in Pack:

1. Mario M. Jr
2. Jonathan V.
3. James W.

Be sure to check out the pictures from the 2017 Pinewood Derby on the Photos page.

Special thanks to all the parents and scouts who stayed after the Pinewood Derby to clean up the hall. Shout out to all the wonderful volunteers who put in their time and effort to make this year’s Pinewood Derby possible – Brandon, Gabe, Sarah D, Jeff, Josie, Paul, Sheila, John, Sara W, and Stacey. Also, we greatly appreciate our local Weymouth Shaw’s and BJ’s stores for donating concessions to this event.

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